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About Men's Health

With 40 editions worldwide, Men's Health is the world's largest men's magazine. Men's Health Malaysia is for active, successful, professional men who want greater control over their physical, mental and emotional lives. It offers you the tools you need to make your lives better through in-depth reporting covering everything from health and nutrition to fashion and grooming, as well as cutting-edge gear, the latest entertainment news, contemporary features and more.

Men's Health shows you how to get fit and stay in your top shape with help for health issues such as allergies and asthma, stress management, sexual health, wellness information, and more.

Men's Health has the fitness tips, workout plans, exercises, and muscle building techniques you need to get the body you want.

You need the right nutrition to look and feel your best. Get all the nutrition information and right facts from Men's Health.

Understand her mind and body. We offer you sex and relationship advice on how to be a better partner and make her happy.

From fashion to grooming, we have all the tricks to help you look the part for every occasion.

The Team

Eugene Phua, Editor
Ever since he fell in love with writing in secondary school, sticking to the assigned word-count has been a struggle for Eugene. So he's very much aware of the irony that he now edits people's work for a living. He also tries to make time for appreciating sequential art, irritating his futsal teammates, and sleeping as much as possible.

Anis Taufik, Deputy Editor
Anis prefers to spoon, but he'd be down to fork if you insist. Curious about the world, he set off to study environmental issues and teach English before courting his first love: writing. You could ask him about the time he got arrested in Tokyo Station, but he'll probably enlist your help in composing a rude song concerning a mummy, dung beetle and camel who shared a hookah instead.

Patrick Loh, Writer
It has always been Patrick's passion to express his thoughts and views through the pages of the glossies since the age of six. Born and raised in Penang Island, he wasted no time and started his career in journalism right after he graduated. When he's not tapping loudly on the keyboard, you can find him in the studio with Ludacris and Missy Elliott rapping through the speakers of his boom box.

June See, Web Editor
A newcomer to the industry and country, June spent the last few years as an energy efficiency professional in Sydney, but just could not resist the allure of glossy magazines any longer. When she is not keeping her hands busy in her craft room (a real thing, people) or kicking around a football, there is a chance you can find her parked in front of the TV with a Playstation controller glued to her hands. She doesn't advocate binge video gaming as part of a healthy lifestyle and considers it guilty pleasure, much like cheeseburgers.

Denise Lim, Web Editorial Assistant
A graduate from the Missouri School of Journalism, Denise chased the rainbow by moving to New York City. After taking a bite of the Big Apple, she returned to her nest and landed an opportunity with Men's Health Malaysia. For Denise, her journey to becoming a great writer resembles a patchwork - difficult but worthy. Although she's constantly trying to balance her personal finance sheet, the spendthrift in her enjoys splurging on good food, elegant wine and tasteful apparel.

Elynn Hah, Associate Art Director
Having been working as a designer since graduating, Elynn is extremely close to mastering the art of delivering quality artwork at the speed of light. Her time spent in the industry has also allowed her to meet and learn about (and from!) the many kinds of people, ranging from the impossibly nice to the utterly insane. A nifty lefty, Elynn enjoys cooking up storm and knitting up a zoo when she is not working magic on her Mac.


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