Fitbit Launches A Fitness Tracker With Sleep Functions

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BY muna noor

Fitbit Launches A Fitness Tracker With Sleep Functions

It should come as no surprise that Malaysians are sleep deprived. Poor time management, traffic jams, long commutes, and bad habits all contribute to a lack of sleep. In fact, a recent study reported that 42% of Malaysians said lack of sleep affected their health, and that on average Malaysians slept an inadequate 6.4 hours a night.

This is bad news – and not just because of the hideous eye bags and dark circles. A good night’s sleep does wonders, and is crucial for your health and overall wellbeing.

Here are the four stages of sleep, and why they’re so important to your physical and mental health and wellbeing:

  1. Light Sleep: making up the bulk of your time asleep, Light Sleep occurs throughout the night and is important for memory, learning and letting your body recover from the day.
  2. Deep Sleep: although it changes according to age, Deep Sleep accounts for approximately 10-25% of your night, and promotes a healthy immune system and muscle growth and repair.
  3. REM Sleep: short from Rapid Eye Movement, this is when most dreaming occurs and is important for mental recovery and memory formation.
  4. Awake periods: this can happen between 10 to 30 times, and is a normal part of your sleep. You may not even be aware of it as it includes when you turn over or fidget.

Even your boss will thank you for getting enough shuteye - insufficient rest can result in poor neurocognitive function and sick days, affecting productivity. It also contributes to a rise in more serious ailments and heightens the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity.

Already in stores now, Fitbit Alta HR’s PurePulse® optical heart rate technology not only tracks heart rate information and movement data essential to helping you optimise your exercise routine, reach your weight goals and track your heart health, it also handily tracks your sleep cycle.

By wearing the Fitbit Alta HR to bed, you’ll be able to track the four stages of sleep that your body naturally cycles through every night. The data generated each night and accumulated over time via Fitbit Alta HR’s Sleep Stages will help to shed light on your sleeping patterns, tracking the total time you spend asleep and awake, the time and percentage you spend in each cycle, and even at what time you fall asleep and wake up. This in turn will provide important learnings that can be shared via Sleep Insights to empower you to make improvements to your sleeping habits.

For example, by reviewing how often you’re in “Awake” mode, you’ll better appreciate why on some mornings you wake up tired. Or perhaps you’re frustrated that you’re so wired when you hit the sack? Fitbit Alta HR’s Sleep Stages tells you what time you fall asleep so that you can plan ahead and make time for pre-slumber rituals such as light reading or taking a hot shower, both things that help you to wind down. By using the “Reminder” function you can schedule regular sleeping times, which is one of the best things you can do to aid the quality of your sleep.

Oh, and don’t stress out if reading statistics and making sense of charts and graphs were never your strong suit; Fitbit Alta HR’s Sleep Insights analyses your sleep data for you, providing useful information that you can choose to act on, such as whether exercise has contributed to better sleep, or if you’re sleeping more on the weekend – a sure sign that you aren’t getting enough sleep during the week. And with a battery life of up to 7 days on one charge, you won’t have to lose sleep worrying about your device dying while you’re catching zzzs.

The Fitbit Alta HR retails at RM730 and is available in classic black, blue grey, fushcia, or coral colour wristbands with matching aluminium buckle. There are also two special edition versions of the Fitbit Alta HR, retailing at RM849, that come in a classic black band with a matte gunmetal tracker, and a soft pink rose band with a 22k rose gold plated tracker.


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