Men's Health Malaysia July Issue: Featuring Terrence Teo

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BY eugene phua

Men's Health Malaysia July: Featuring Terrence Teo
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A Matter Of Life And Death

Some believe that suicide is an unforgiveable sin. Yet, here we are, killing ourselves.

The National Cancer Society of Malaysia says that the top five cancers Malaysian men are diagnosed with are lung, colorectum, nasopharynx, prostate and stomach. According to their findings, a Malaysian man has a 15.4% risk of getting cancer before he turns 75 – and a 9.8% risk of dying from cancer before he reaches his 75th birthday.

It gets worse: the Statistics Department says that heart disease has been the leading cause of death for Malaysians from 2005 to 2014 (and I’m sure for the past three years too). Regardless of who you are, where you’re born or how you were raised, the most likely reason why you’ll die is heart disease. 

You don’t need to be a licensed healthcare professional to figure out why those cancers and why heart disease are killing us, because the doctors themselves have been screaming why for years and years: we lead sedentary lives; we eat roti canai, char kuay teow and nasi lemak as though they’re going out of fashion (and, sometimes, all in the same day); we smoke like chimneys; we work ourselves into a pulp at the office; and we de-stress by downing one pint too many at the pub.

Yet, we can feign shock when our GP tells us we’ll be on meds for the rest of our (shortened) lives.

Getting a body like world champion bodybuilder and this month’s cover star Terrence Teo is fine and all, but let’s start with the basics – saving your life. Start making changes in your lifestyle that will reduce your risk of developing chronic diseases. Control what, when and how much you eat. Quit smoking. Cut back on the alcohol. Re-evaluate your work habits. Sleep more. And, this should be a no-brainer by now, but GetSome. EXERCISE!!!

This month, we’ll help you do just that without you even needing to leave the house. BJ Gaddour, the Men’s Health Fitness Director has created a workout you can do in your living room. Want to take it to the next level? Then check out our plan to run a great 5K (at the Men’s Health Women’s Health Night Run by AIA Vitality); or purchase a pair of dumbbells and follow the fat-burning, muscle-building programme that Teo has created exclusively for Men’s Health.

Our July 2017 issue also features nutrition strategies that will help you resist the delicious temptations at the many parties, open houses and kenduris you will face in your Malaysian life. Plus, we asked experts what they eat when they’re injured, flying all over the world, or just have too many commitments to fulfil. You’ll be surprised how easy their meals are to prepare. Then, pair their simple advice with the 21 scientifically proven weight-loss tips, and marvel at how quickly – and permanently – the fat stays off.

But if all of this still isn’t enough to convince you, then you’ll want to check out our feature on recognising the different kinds of heart disease. You might as well familiarise yourself with the condition that will take your life one day.... which isn’t as far away as you think.


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