Men's Health Malaysia June 2017 Issue: Featuring Tim Robards

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BY eugene phua

Men's Health Malaysia June Issue: Featuring Tim Robards

Cook up a storm

Although my colleagues, friends and family will all uproariously disagree, I’d like to think that my efforts in cooking almost all of my meals for the past month have been a huge success. Driven in large part by the “100 Days to Muscle” challenge (which, as you read this, will be nearing its completion), I’ve been hard-boiling eggs, steaming vegetables and marinating chicken. It might not sound unusual to you, but to me, it’s a staggering revolution.

The thing is, my intentions with the word “cooking” do not – and probably will not – subscribe to the dogmas normally associated with it. Never once have I proclaimed that I’m a chef, nor have I ever set out to become one. My purpose when I restarted my cooking mechanisms, and now that I’m experimenting here and there, remain the same: cook food that will aid me in achieving my health, fitness and nutrition goals. Others choose to do so with dazzling flourishes of sensory delights; I opt for a more straightforward, if blasé, approach.

I’m not championing a complete abandonment of taste for the sake of nutrition. I’m not even mad that people keep LOL-ing at my lunches. What I am advocating for is the same maxim I’ve preached all this time: to grocery shop, cook and eat to the very best of your abilities (and budget).

And that’s where our latest issue comes in. The June 2017 edition of Men’s Health Malaysia is packed and stacked full of content that will enable everyone to cook well and to eat clean. We’ve got great recipes for delicious wings and kebabs; there’s an eye-opening feature on the myriad ways junk food companies bend the truth to get you to buy their unhealthy products; and we sampled a chef’s uncanny meals that will completely change the way you think about food.

If you’re looking for a new strategy for your diet, look no further than cover guy Tim Robard’s 70-20-10 plan. The Australian chiropractor lives his life so that he’s ready for an MH cover photoshoot any day of the week, and his nutrition isn’t that draconian. Plus, check out his gym-free fitness regime if you too want to have a cover-worthy body.

Elsewhere in the issue, we go to Canada to consult with a man who has published more than 250 studies on the back to figure out how to strengthen ours; we speak to doctors on why there’s more hope than ever in winning the war against prostate cancer; we asked the experts why you – yes, you – should be making more noise when you’re having sex; and we got comedians to tell us how you can be a better father this 18 June, and every day.

Remember: whether you keep it simple or you cook up a storm, it’s the small changes you make daily that will collate into large improvements that will last all life long. And we’re always here to help you live your best life ever.


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