6 Bachelor Party Ideas That Donít Involve Strippers And Alcohol

Who said stag nights have to be drunken, debauched affairs?


BY eugene phua

6 Bachelor Party Ideas That Donít Involve Strippers And Alcohol

I know what you’re thinking: your best friend is getting married, so you and his other buddies want to send him off with a party that would make Bacchus blush.

I get it. It’s what guys do, right? They even made a movie about it! It’s all part of the marriage rigmarole, after all. Just a bunch of bros bro-ing down with some (belly-ballooning) beers and (sexually exploited) babes.

Instead of letting loose with the lads in Las Vegas, I’d like to propose an alternative: competitive activities. I guarantee that all six of these suggestions will ignite the fires of you and your friends’ machismo, while also solidifying the bro-mantic bonds among all of you - because your pal should still be your pal even after he transforms into a husband. Plus, you won’t infuriate his fiancée (and the other girlfriends), as well as the police.

So, stay on the right side of the law, stoke your competitive spirit, and strengthen your friendship with these six biblically approved bachelor party ideas.

1. Get Fast And Furious by Drifting Go-Karts

What is it?

Using go-karts hand-built in New Zealand, you and your mates can slide round hairpin turns and go sideways through chicanes – all at Blastacar's indoor track in Sungei Wang Plaza, Kuala Lumpur.

Why will you and your buddies enjoy it?

Unlike normal go-karts, Blastacar's go-karts are purpose-built to be “driven poorly”, i.e. drifting. They may look kiddie, but there’s nothing childish about the sheer adrenaline rush you experience while sliding sideways to overtake your friend.

More info:

From RM60 per person

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Shoot Your Friends Using A Bow and Arrow

What is it?

If paintball is the real-life non-lethal version of Counter-Strike, then Archery Tag at Arena 51, Petaling Jaya, is the non-messy, non-painful version of paintball.

Why will you and your buddies enjoy it?

Anybody with a functioning finger can shoot their opponent using an air-powered paintball marker. But it takes a lot more strength, skill and athleticism to hit your enemy using a bow and (foam-tipped) arrow. Here’s where you’ll separate the predators and the prey in your bachelor party.

More info:

From RM400 (up to 10 persons)

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3. Score Touchdowns Without the Dangers of Tackling


8am football at Padang merbok every sunday ! #flagfootball #fitness #fitmalaysia #americanfootball #flag #football #sports #coed

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What is it?

Flag Football bears all of the fun of the NFL without the helmets, pads and risk of concussions. Everybody wears “flags” (or loose straps) at the waist, and you “tackle” the opponent by pulling the flags off.

Why will you and your buddies enjoy it?

To win, you and your teammates will need accuracy and aggression, athleticism and tactical discipline, quick feet and strong hands – all together. And, because you’re running around on fields, you’ll relive the glory days of childhood when you and your friends were boys, getting muddy at the padang without a care (or a bill) in the world.

More info:


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4. Conquer Your Friends’ Territories and Steal Their Gold Too

What is it?

This ain’t your grandma’s Snakes & Ladders; All Aboard Community Gaming Centre stocks more than 200 board games, ranging from card games you can learn to play in minutes to sprawling tabletop sets that take hours to complete.

Why will you and your buddies enjoy it?

The more cerebral the competition becomes, the louder the shouting gets. Psych your friends out, manipulate them into obeying your will, and emerge as Alpha Male. You’ll only sweat if your arguments get a little too heated.

More info:

From RM15 per person

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5. Race Each Other While Battling the Forces of Nature

What is it?

See one of Malaysia’s many beautiful rivers from a completely different perspective – and speed. Oxbold will take a minimum of four guys to go Whitewater Rafting in Selangor and Perak, with a varying rate of difficulty and time required for the rivers. Oxbold’s equipment is all high-tech, and their crew are all expertly trained.

Why will you and your buddies enjoy it?

Make like Voltron and do your part to ensure your raft makes it to the finishing point. Although you’re not competing against each other, you are battling the most powerful force of all: Mother Nature. Survive her, and the brotherhood among y’all will be ratified.

More info:

From RM165 per person

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6. Join Forces To Solve Puzzles and To Defeat The Games-Master

What is it?

The role-playing adventure video games you played all those years ago are brought to life in Breakout (available at Avenue K and Nu Sentral). You and your friends have 45 minutes to decipher riddles and figure out physical challenges, so that you can ultimately accomplish the mission and break out of the room.

Why will you and your buddies enjoy it?

Divide yourself into two groups or more, and see which team is smart enough to defeat their room’s games-master. Each guy will be assigned a special ability to help you progress through the puzzles. But is the whole greater than the sum of its parts? Or will you just end up strangling each other in frustration?

More info:

From RM106 (for 2 persons)

Instagram | Website


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