30 Great (But Unusual) Money-Making Ideas

Doctors, CEOs, personal trainers and more share their best tips on saving (and earning) some Ringgit


BY eugene phua

30 Great (But Unusual) Money-Making Ideas

Let’s not fool ourselves: the economy is in bad shape. If it were a guy, it’d be an obese bloke lounging on a greasy sofa, eating his umpteenth packet of Super Rings. And he hasn’t showered in months.

So we know that everybody is battening down the hatches to withstand the body-blows to our bank accounts; but how exactly have people been tightening their belts to withstand the suffocating pressure upon their wallets?

That’s why we asked our friends to share with us their best money-saving – and even money-making – ideas. Some of them make lotsa sense, while others... not so much. But no matter where each tip falls on the scale of rationality, one thing’s for sure: they’ll work to stretch your hard-earned Ringgit.

1. “Exercise a lot, tire yourself out, and then sleep. Then you won’t go out and spend more money.”- Sean Wong, founder of Gymbox Kuching

2. “Keep your savings in a place that isn’t easily accessible, such as a tin that’s been duct-taped 100 times with just a small hole to keep the money.”- Deep, event organizer

3. “Stay home more.”- Dr. Martha Tara Lee, clinical sexologist

4. “Eat at home. This way, you can save money and maintain a healthy diet at the same time.”- Joe Flizzow, hip-hop artist

5. “Never buy coffee from a cafe. I used to do that once every morning, so I saved RM15 per day – that’s about RM5,500 per year.”- Larnee, analytics director

6. “Buy limited-edition collectible items and resell them.”- CK, product specialist

7. “Create a priority list on what and whom you should spend on. I have one, and it helps me to keep my bank account in check.”- Ravinash Ratnam, 2016 Men’s Health Cover Guy Search Winner

8. “Don’t play with cars, don’t have a girlfriend, don’t have kids, and don’t drink.”- Peter Davis, MMA fighter

9. “To save money, cook your own meals. To make money, find a sugar daddy.”- Nana al Haleq, fitness trainer

10. “Get sponsored from head to toe.”- Suhaili Micheline, performer

11. “Keep reminding yourself you have enough every day. Over time, you’ll feel you need less, and, as a result, spend less"- Hansen Lee, TV host, actor and movement/yoga teacher

12. “When you shop, divide the price against how many economy rice lunches you can buy. Knowing how many meal’s worth a single purchase is makes you think twice about forking out money.”- Anis Taufik, Deputy Editor of Men’s Health Malaysia

13. “Don’t have children.”- Aaron Han, Marketing Executive

14. “Buy kampung vegetables, because they’re cheaper. When I return to my hometown, I buy the fruits grown locally there.”- Saw Bee Suan, Senior Dietitian, Sunway Medical Centre

15. “Increase income streams and keep costs low. Then, make wise investments to amplify your excess cash.”- Khoo Hsu Chuang, Khoo Publishing

16. “Pick up every coin you find. I never pass a coin without picking it up, whether it’s 5 sen or 50 sen. I keep them in a jar at home. This amounted to more than RM50 last year. Not much but, hey, it’s free money!”- Mark Williams, running coach

17. “Recharge your smartphone or gadgets at work. Just don’t flaunt that you are.”- Jay See, relationship manager

18. “Before every purchase, I ask myself three questions: (1) Do I absolutely need this, or is there another way? (2) Would I rather spend the money on a more meaningful experience? (3) Am I just bored or unhappy? If the answer to any of these questions is ‘yes’, I walk away.”- Joachim Ang, health enthusiast

19. “When I was a kid, my parents used to get free bottles of soda. So I would pack a bag full of them each day for school, and sell them to friends for 50 percent cheaper than the canteen. That definitely sorted my lunch money out.”- Anthony, Fitness First Avenue K Club General Manager

20.Convert your money into foreign currency, as it will be less likely to be spent easily.”- Rowan Chng, marketing manager

21.Pay your credit card bill immediately after each use, instead of waiting until the next month when the statement is due. This is so that I know I’m still spending within my means, instead of using next month’s money.”- Samantha, content director

22. “Get things by trading. The great thing about social media is that so many people are willing to do things – hair, make-up, wardrobe, etc. – for free in exchange for posts.”- Abigail Ratchford, model

23. “Always set aside three portions: one for use, one more savings or investments, and one to give away. They don’t necessarily have to be equal portions.”- Dr Rayney Azmi Ali, Columbia Asia Regional Medical Coordinator

24.Don’t stock up on groceries or food in the fridge; buy according to your needs for the day. This is so that you don’t overbuy or have excess food that will go to waste.”- Pearly, human resource manager

25. “For some reason, saving 50 sen coins works for me.”- Young, Fitness First National Fitness Manager

26. “Don’t invest in a luxury car. Use Grab or Uber if you want to sit in one.”- You Li, marketing manager

27. “About to cancel a credit card? Hold onto it – even though they tell you to cut it up and throw it away. Sometimes, just showing the card can get you discounts.”- Wayne See, Aviation Analyst

28. “When I was a kid, I’d stash my cash randomly – say, in between books in a shelf – and I’d forget about it. So, it’s kinda like a surprise when I do find it!”- Megan Tan, emcee and TV host

29. “A piggy bank works wonders when you’re selective of the colour and quantity banked in. For me, it was five gold coins a day.”- Goh Yien Von, Fitness First Gardens Mall Assistant Club General Manager

30. “To make more money, sometimes we need to take risks and see the opportunities behind the risks.”- Carlos A Rosillo, CEO & Co-Founder of Bell & Ross


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