3 Steps To Adding More Adventure To Your Drive!

Unleash the inner-thrill seeker on your next drive



3 Steps To Adding More Adventure To Your Drive!

We recently attended the Mercedes-Benz Dream Cars Drive from Desa Park City to Ipoh. Along the way, we took excursions up the windy roads and slopes of Cameron Highlands, catching glimpses of tea plantations and lush greenery. We wound down with Mark Raine (Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Mercedes-Benz Malaysia) for his tips on how you can add some adventure to your next drive and make it more memorable.

Discover Your Driving Personality
Find out who you really are behind the wheel. Everyone has a different driving personality and expectations. For some, it may be purely functional (for commuting purposes between home and work), while for true motorheads, it is a passion. “Our clientele is united by a love of cars and driving, and we strive to deliver automotive excellence each time,” Raine says. “For example, somebody who goes for the Mercedes-AMG GT S is after pure raw performance and the sheer rush of adrenaline that comes with it. If you opt for the S-Class Coupé, on the other hand, you probably want the Gran Turismo feeling while driving.” He highlights that even though the personalities of a Coupé driver to a Cabriolet driver are very different, they’re usually design-savvy individuals in pursuit of the finer things in life, “Practicality is not the most predominant buying decision. Otherwise, they’d go for a station wagon or SUV.”

Drive to Forget
Schedule drives and short weekend getaways as opportunities to unwind and de-stress, Raine suggests. “Personally, I love driving. I get plenty of enjoyment and pleasure out of it,” he says. “It’s a combination of things – the sheer rush of adrenaline from being on the go, the surge of power from the vehicles – many of our customers love their weekend drives, and driving in the countryside.” Despite the undeniable thrill and sense of excitement that comes from long-distance drives, there are certain finer elements of your vehicle that can make or break your trip. A common factor is comfort, which a lot of individuals take for granted, Raine points out. “You want a car that can give you a super sports car performance, but at the same time, offer you incredible comfort,” he says. “For example, if you drive the Mercedes-AMG GT S, you can put it on comfort mode for an amazingly comfortable ride like no other.”

Get the Car that Fits Your Lifestyle
Here are two things that you must take into consideration when purchasing a new car: your requirement out of the vehicle and how it can fulfil your passion for driving. “When customers purchase cars from us, it’s vital that they look at their lifestyle, how they can integrate the car into it, and even what they need the vehicle for,” Raine points out. “We realise that Malaysians in general have a pretty active lifestyle and the Mercedes-Benz SUV range very much complements that.” In a similar vein, the Dream Cars collection caters to on-the-go individuals too. “Open rooftop driving on the weekends is so much fun,” Raine says. “It gives you that sense of excitement, and complements your drive with a luxury and lifestyle element. On weekends, you can hop into the C-Class Cabriolet, take the roof off, and enjoy the swift element of open-top driving.”


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