Three Ways To Look Your Absolute Best In Denim

How to look sharp in your jeans - in or out of the office


BY patrick loh

Three Ways To Look Your Absolute Best In Denim
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The Levi’s “Set The Standard” concept store in Pavilion Elite is designed to help you find the perfect pair of jeans. It houses iconic Levi’s collections such as Levi’s 501, Levi’s Vintage and Levi’s Orange Tab. Here’s Imran Butt, Country Manager of Levi’s Strauss Malaysia, with his expert advice on how to choose the right style of jeans for you.

1. Pick The Perfect Cut
“Oversized jeans ruin the intended look because they don’t fall in the right places, no matter how nice the fabric and the finishing,” Butt advises. Jeans nowadays are made to fit and be comfortable, so don’t go with the baggy denim look. This ain’t the ’90s.

2. Seek An Expert Eye
Don’t hesitate to ask the store staff for help. “They are well-trained to help find the ideal pair of jeans for you,” Butt says. Feel free to try on as many styles as you wish, he adds.

3. Find Your Style
If you prefer a classic look, try this: “The straight leg and the button fly remain; plus they’re tough enough to withstand an adventurous lifestyle,” Butt says. He suggests the Levi’s 501 for the can’t-go-wrong pair of jeans; the Levi’s Orange Tab, on the other hand, is perfect for the younger crowd.

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