Real Malaysian Guys And Their Amazing Weight-Loss Stories

Recapping the newest members of our Belly-off Club, so that you too can be inspired to achieve bigger and better things



Real Malaysian Guys And Their Amazing Weight-Loss Stories

Before: 77kg
After: 66kg
Reason to lose weight: Lower-back pain and knee injuries

After consulting a sports specialist, Lee found out that his body fat was curving his spine in a detrimental way. Thus, he set out to get rid of the flab. When he’s not at his desk, he’s out for a run or a hike for up to four hours. “I’m much more energetic and athletic now. I have the confidence to join events such as Spartan Race or Viper Challenge,” Lee says.

He attends Boot Camp classes three times a week and hikes on Saturdays. He also works out at the gym five times a week. His diet consists of grilled chicken, pork loin, wholemeal pasta and a whole lot of greens.

Before: 113kg
After: 78kg
Reason to lose weight: Lethargy

Feeling too tired to do almost anything led Abidin to participate the “Fit for Fashion by Fitness First” competition – which he went on to win with Muhamad Shukry Al-hafiz. Abidin says swimming and practicing yoga are the two exercises that whipped him into a better shape. “These two sports give me a sense of calm too,” he says.

Apart from that, Hazwan attends cardio-dance classes regularly and HIIT training sessions at the gym. To fuel up for his workouts, he eats chicken, fish, lots of greens, nuts, and raisins. Pasta or soup noodles are his go-to after-workout meals.

Before: 220kg
After: 95.1kg
Reason to lose weight: Making his mother proud

Here’s one of the rarest and most unique reasons to lose weight: Razak was a total couch potato while his mother brought food to him. That caused his obesity, until one day, she told him: “Wake up, son. Who will take care of you when I die?” It cut deep into his soul.

Razak swears by the MIHA Body Tech program, specially offered by at FixMe Studio located at Titiwangsa. As for his diet, you’ll find him eating six apples a day as snacks; and preparing wholemeal bread, grilled chicken and salmon as his sources of protein.

Before: 97kg
After: 70kg
Reason to lose weight: Arthritis

Doctors told Kamal that there’s no cure for arthritis, and that he had to be on medication for the rest of his life. “My doctor advised me not to exercise, as he was afraid that my arthritis would cause too much pain in my joints,” Aria says. Being a rebel for all the good reasons, he decided to disobey his doctor and to cut down on those excess kilos.

Boot Camp classes and yoga sessions helped Aria lose weight. He also attends some hip-hop dance classes, HIIT sessions and weight training regimes as well. He eats plenty of chicken and fish, as well as salad and potatoes.

Before: 115kg
After: 72kg
Reason to lose weight: Difficulty walking

Baharudin always thought being overweight wasn’t cool. To make things worse, he couldn’t walk much or play sports properly. “Also, not being able to wear trendy clothes was my worst nightmare,” Baharudin says. When he first started exercising, he was dazed and lost, until he took up HIIT. He torched insane amounts of calories, and shrunk in just a few weeks time.

Besides working on his cardio in the gym, Baharudin also swims a lot. To ensure his abs are visible, he doesn’t add sugar into his coffee, cuts down on rice, eats grilled fish or chicken and a fair portion of vegetables.


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