Curious About Cycling? Join These Malaysian Groups

Ride your way to better fitness and more friends



Curious About Cycling? Join These Malaysian Groups

Taking up cycling might be the best decision you’ve ever made. The sport promotes various benefits, which include torching calories, building endurance and, best of all, bringing you places!

If you’re new to cycling, don’t be intimidated to go with the chain gang. Here’s a complete guide of cycling groups that you can join.

1. AMC Amateur Cycle Club KL
The name says it all! Beginners in Klang Valley are welcome to learn more about cycling from these guys.

Join here

2. Bukit Jelutong Cycling Club
With more than 3,000 club members, this Shah Alam-based group usually cycles on Guthrie Corridor Expressway (GCE). But they sometimes organise feature rides on other routes.

Find out more here

3. Kepong Rider
This club meets regularly, and comprises active riders who enjoy thrilling rides along steep routes. If you’re a thrill-junkie, be sure to sign up!

Find out more

4. KRI Cycling Club
KRI is known for being the organisers of Century Ride, the nation’s biggest cycling event. They swear by cycling as an avenue to keep fit and build friendships.

Learn more

5. Mercury Team
Although they started as a group of amateurs, Mercury Team is now evolving into a professional mountain bike team. Regardless, amateurs from all walks of life are still welcome to join the cohort.

Sign up here

6. Putrajaya Critical Mass
They meet only once every last Friday of the month. So who says you can’t join a cycling club just because you’re too busy?

Find out here

7. Superfxd
If you’re into fixed-gear bicycles and night cycling, you’ve found the right club! Up to 20 cyclists per ride, the team’s rendezvous point is at Ampang Park LRT station.

Find out more

8. United Cyclists of Ipoh (UCI)
This group is all about laidback cycling. The members view cycling as a platform to visit new places and meet new people. Sound like you?

Join the group



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