Men's Health May 2017 Issue: Featuring Charlie Hunnam

Highlights from this month's magazine


BY eugene phua

Men's Health May 2017 Issue: Featuring Charlie Hunnam
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Just in case you haven’t heard the good news yet, the 2017 Men’s Health Cover Guy Search is currently on-going! We’ve already got hundreds of entries, and my teammates and I agree that there are already a lot of worthy candidates in the talent pool. Still, that shouldn’t deter you from joining this search. As long as you we receive your entry by 31 May 2017, you’ll qualify to be in the running to win the search’s ultimate prize – being on our cover!

But that brings me to another point: those who don’t even start.

A lot of guys often look discouraged when they see previous #MHCoverGuy winners, and they throw in the towel before the fight’s even begun. It’s the equivalent of sitting down at the starting line because you see Usain Bolt a few lanes down.

Let me assure you that that’s the worst and wrong-est mentality to adopt when it comes to bettering yourself and striving to live your best life possible. Do not look at the finish line and grumble that it’s so far away. Instead, focus on yourself at the starting block, and commit to working hard every step of the journey. That’s why I believe so many people love running – and our Men’s Health Women’s Health Night Run by AIA Vitality, which you can sign up for right now! – because they, like me, know that the finisher’s medal is a bonus prize. The real achievement is in every step taken, every kilometre conquered, and every mental hurdle overcome.

That’s why, in our May 2017 issue, we want to help you kickstart your process of improving your own wellbeing. We’ve crafted “The Beginner’s Guide to Losing Weight”, a foolproof feature that will help literally anyone get off the sofa and get started on building their best body ever. It doesn’t stop there, of course – not only will the guide help you lose weight, it will also show you how to keep the weight off.

Someone who had no trouble getting his weight to be exactly what he needed it to be is Charlie Hunnam, this month’s cover star. The Hollywood actor stars in King Arthur (out on 11 May), and he is determined to work at perfecting his craft – and himself – for as long as he has breathes. “I just feel happier, more positive, energised and disciplined if I work out,” Hunnam says. And are you really going to argue with someone with a sword named Excalibur?

Elsewhere in the issue, we show you how to skyrocket your style points with a minimum of fuss and cost; recipes for junk food that are good for you (yes, really!); three tips to master beach volleyball; methods on reigniting your sex-life; world-beating badminton training drills; and workouts that will chisel a six-pack onto your torso.

So get your copy of the May 2017 issue now! It’s 100% useful for everything you need for every aspect of your life.

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