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BY eugene phua

Men's Health March 2017 Issue
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Sharing Is Caring
When I (and the personal computer) was growing up, video game developers promoted their products via “shareware” – a small portion of the game that you could play for free. All you had to do was acquire the shareware on floppy discs (the thingamabob that’s the icon of the “save” button) either directly from the video game company or from your friends. If you liked the appetiser, you paid for the full game; if not, you simply passed it on.

There was no such thing as YouTube in the 90s, so this was all video game developers had to promote their products. So if you think about it, they had to be prepared to give away for free the very best parts of their game. Because, if gamers didn’t like the shareware, they wouldn’t pay for the full version. And all that blood, sweat and tears would be for nothing.

Compare that with how video games are promoted today: exaggerated trailers, viral campaigns, gameplay demos, annoying YouTubers, dank memes... All very clever, but ultimately missing the point: gamers just want to play the game. That’s why shareware worked – gamers played, gamers paid, developers made money, and the industry grew (and grew and grew) to where we are today.

I told you that story to tell you this: when we’re willing to share, everybody benefits.

In this day and age of over-zealous protectionism, we as a species have shifted from hospitably opening our doors to shutting down our borders; from providing for the needy to safeguarding our needs; from freely giving to greedily taking. Yet, we act so shocked when refugees drown, when children are trafficked, when Malaysians can’t afford food.

Times are tough, and they’re gonna get tougher. But I urge you all to stop hoarding and to start sharing. Unite, not divide. We’re all in the foxhole together, trying to survive the onslaught that global economics and local politics bombards our way. So reach out to your fellow man (via charitable donations) or the guy next to you (via an interest-free loan), and share whatever you can.

So let the sharing begin with our March 2017 issue, with our friends who told us their weirdest, yet most effective, ways of saving money. Some of them are borderline ridiculous, but others might just be crazy enough to work. For something a lot more serious, flip over to our Guy Skills department to read our guide on how to maximise your contributions to your Employees Provident Fund account. Remember: your EPF is meant to ensure your retirement is comfortable, not to indulge in your fantasies.  

Speaking of fantastic, you’ve gotta read the story of BJ Gaddour and how he went from overweight, unhealthy teenager to the current fitness director of MH USA who looks like, well, that. But he won’t just spin you an inspiring yarn; he’ll also help you shed fat and get shredded with his time-saving, blubber-burning workout regimes.

So get your copy of Men’s Health March 2017 now to find out what doctors themselves eat to preserve their health; to learn how to do your best bench press ever; and to figure out how to have hot sex tonight. Hey, we’re here to help you in every aspect of your life!


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