7 Office Wardrobe Essentials That Will Make A Great First Impression

These SS17 picks will help you to stand out and maybe get a promotion


BY patrick loh

7 Office Wardrobe Staples For A Great First Impression
brooks brothers

When your bosses and colleagues take a first look at you, they’ll immediately form perceptions of who you are, or might be. So, show them your professional but edgy side with the right clothes and accessories. Here are seven to get you on the fast track up the payscale.

1. Bonia SS17 Cotton Shirt

Nothing says comfort better than this soft cotton shirt from Bonia. It’s also tailored to fit very closely to your body shape and size, thus giving you a smart and professional silhouette. Look closely and you can see very subtle prints on the fabric to take away the boredom. RM 295; bonia.com

#2: Dockers Clean Khaki Trousers

The fabric of these new trousers is made to avoid wrinkles and creases, which helps to keep your look sharp throughout the day. To create a cleaner finish, Dockers made them with very little top stitching as well. This allows you to switch from a formal look to a casual look without sacrificing your sense of style. From RM148; Dockers

#3: Brooks Brothers Merino Wool Socks

Merino wool socks are known to provide the ultimate level comfort, especially when you’re required to walk around in dress shoes often. This pair from Brooks Brothers is thick and soft, which shields your feet from blisters and soreness. Whether you like crew- or ankle-length, always wear your socks to avoid your shoes from stinking up. RM 125; brooksbrothers.com

4. Pedro Plain Toe Derby Shoes

Designed with pointed toes, embossed calf leather and modern-looking eyelets, these derby shoes are suitable for the office as well as a weekend getaway. They’re specially designed to be so comfortable, your feet won’t feel sore even after a day of walking. RM 399; pedroshoes.com/my

5. Speake-Marin 42mm ST Brown Serpent Calendar Watch

Limited to only 28 pieces, this Speake-Marin timepiece features a serpent-like gold date hand, and the brand’s signature spade on the hour hand, both in masculine blue. The alligator-skin straps are hooked to titanium pin buckles, giving you a more exquisite look. For pre-orders: RM 55,300; speake-marin.com

6. Hugo Boss Optical Glasses
The cork inserted on the insides of the aluminium temples of these optical glasses function to resist sweat and moisture, which help to ensure your glasses won’t slide off your face. The cork also reduces the weight of the aluminium, so the earpiece won’t cause any pain to your ears. RM 1,120; hugoboss.com

7. Tumi Alpha Bravo Hansen Brief
This lightweight briefcase with multiple compartments holds all of your office necessities, which makes it easier for you to commute to and from work every day. It appears unstructured for an edgier look, but its clean aesthetic gives you a professional vibe. RM 1,910; tumi.my

8. Calvin Klein Jeans Sport Lux Large Portfolio
Walk into a meeting with this stylish portfolio, and everyone at the table will immediately respect you even more. Made from 100% cow leather, you can store all your belongings in it. There’s also an interior compartment to store your valuables as well. RM 536; calvinklein.com/my


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